Frequently Asked Questions

What is “The Social Tour?” 

The Social Tour is a traveling Networking Company that host “Next Level Networking” events which includes live art, entertainment, mixers, & more. providing a social platform for creatives across the globe to connect, share, & build.

Who is it for? 

It’s for you! The Artist, The Poet, The Band, The Rapper, The Musician, The Photographer, The Singer, The Skaters, The Influencer, The Graphic Designer, The creative or aspiring creatives, & etc’  

What Is The Social Tour (HQ)

The Social Tour (HQ) is our headquarters located 12 S Sitgreaves Easton, Pa 18042. This space was designed to be an intimate space for creatives to come connect and learn new things while providing A class customer service. Some of our services provided from that location ranges from 1:1 workshops, photography/videography services, graphic design, business marketing, group workshops, intimate event services, & more! 

How did it come about?

Founder & Photographer Brandon Avery wanted a way to connect all influential creatives as well as uplift and encourage aspiring creatives to have a place to network. A space for Creative Individuals that are dedicated to come together and express their creativity beyond social platforms. Breaking barriers connecting with other creatives on a social level one venue at a time.

Where is located?

We are a traveling networking business based out of Easton, Pensilvania.

How does it benefit those involved?

It not only gives the creative a platform to express their creativity. With virtually every category and genre of the arts. The overall goal is for creatives to grow and become diversified through The Social Tour such as but not limited to Artist, brands, influencers, Singers, poets, bloggers, bands, skaters, & etc’ which targets the demographic of their choosing in a very specific way.

How can I get involved? (become a Sponsor, Volunteer, Donate, Advertise)

CLICK HERE to fill out our request form & someone will contact you within 48 hours.

How do i get The Social Tour to come to my city?

Tour city’s are selected via survey poll. Follow @_thesocialtour_ for updates. 

“Creativity is intelligence having FUN” 

                                     – Albert Einstein