We Traveled to East Orange, New Jersey to meet with artist Hans . His views on this world and how he compels them with his brush is absolutely amazing. 

  • Who are you, tell me a little bit about yourself?

I was born in Haiti and came to this country around 1999 with my sister to live with my aunt.my parent had to stay back home for majority of my middle school year and the start of my high school. My journey in becoming a citizen of this country and enduring the negative social commentary people made about Haitian and our culture has modeled me into this man I am today. Being able to be apart of three separate culture has open my eyes to seeing the different side of the humanity.

  • Why did you decide to become painter?

I decided to be a painter because painting and other type of mediums became the only language that made sense to me. Imagery is such a powerful tool, when you are able to understand and speak that language. But most importantly the capability of creation is a gift that brings a certain type of mental adrenaline that I became addicted to.

  • Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Haiti and came to America when I was 8 years old. I grew up in East orange and adopted the culture and learned about what it means to live in a urban area that is full of talent culture but that is underprivilege.

  • What’s your background?


  • How do you work?


Painting ( Oil, Acrylic)

Mainly ( fire and mixed media)

  • What does your work aim to say?

  My work aims to speak about the moment when we egnalageing humanity over the needs of    men, I want my viewer to see the Identity of a person through the shell that is craft by others xenophobia. Removing their social class, current conditions, and allowing our self to understand before us. We partake in this idea throughout our daily lives, whether it deals with relationships, or other social interaction     

  • What other artist have been inspirational to you in your work?

Sapzuk, Dali, Kypto (graffiti artist, and surreal artist) Any artist that is able to push the visual conversation to another level 

  • How have you developed your career?

I have developed my career by participating in gallery show and working with different small businesses to develop their image whether it is logos or illustrations

  • What item would you be lost without?

My watch

  • Which current art world trends are you following?


  • Why do you do What you do?

Because it validates my existence, true are never come from the hands but from the mind and the way you view your time on this earth.

  • What is your main source of inspiration?

People perspective on social, political, and religious views. The times that we live in, I believe that any artist whether they are a painter, musician, ect are the unspoken writers of there time which keeps a track record of the human history

  • What are some projects have you worked on. Which one was your favorite and why?

Don’t have one yet

  • A favorite quote you live by?

                “Do today what others aren’t willing to so I can do tomorrow what other people can’t”

  • What would you like people to know about you?

That I was a creator, embodied the idea of individuality and inspired to see the world for more of its beauty than what man tried to make it to be.

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