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October 20, 2018 I traveled to Newark, NJ to meet with Neo Soul Artist Demetry Groove. He took me to this very abandon yet very artistic warehouse where he shot his latest music video for his new single Winners Circle.  We discussed his career and his future goals. We spoke about his latest album (Birth Of A King)  and what does it mean.

Groove has a unique sound with putting out deep tones taking you back that classic old school mixed with today’s r’n’b. It was a great pleasure meeting with this young creative.

Q1. Who are you?

  • I’m Demetry Groove, an artist with a goal to provide a sensational vibe.

Q2. Where were you born? 

  • I was born in Newark, but I don’t say I’m solely from Newark. Although I was born there, I was raised in East Orange and moved all throughout Essex County. So I like to represent all the cities that contributes to my story.

Q3. How did Demetry Groove come about and does it have a meaning?

  • The name Demetry Groove basically comes with the vibe that I want to set with my music. Initially I wanted to be called just “Groove”, but then I realized that there are several different artists with that name. I also wanted to make it more personally and a part of me. So I decided to add my first name.

Q4. Whats the meaning behind your latest EP “Birth Of A King”

  • SO I had no idea what I was going to name my first project. One day I was searching for beats and I came across a beat titled “March 14”, which is my birthday. So with that being said I wrote to it and made it the intro to my project (Birth of a King Intro). As I finished up the project, I realized it this is the first body of work that I’m putting out and its only right that I make it know n that this was the Birth of Groove/Birth of a King.

Q5. How would you describe your music? Who are you trying to reach? 

  • If I had to describe my music, I would have to go back to the reason behind me naming myself “Demetry Groove”. My sound is a sensational, smooth, groovy, sexual, melodic sound. I’ve always said that I wanted my music to give off a certain vibe. You know that feeling when you’re at an event, dressed in your best threads, high off life, with some shades on and no one in the room can even come close to your caliber? That exact feeling is the feeling I strive to give the moment you press play. My music is for everyone. What I discuss in my music everyone will most likely experience the emotions I display at some point in their lives. Even if you’re one to not focus on lyrics, my beat selection is a soul grabber. I have a sensual side for those late night moments, a love side for those affectionate moments, and a side everyone can relate on.

Q6. When did you start doing music?

  • My first encounter with music was in High School with a friend of mine. He took a music production class and was good on the keys and I was good with word play. His bedroom was like a man cave to us. Day after day we would be stuck to that Mac desktop making what we believed to be hits. We then we to college together where we met another guy that was amazing at rapping. He was from NY with word play like J Cole and an impeccable flow. We became close friends and observing him write music it only pushed me to become a better artist. He taught me to not only put words together in a stylish way, but to also have meaning behind my lyrics. The more we created music the better we became. It was  damn near second nature.

Q7. Musically, what are your biggest influences? 

  • I’m influenced by a lot to be honest. One of my biggest influences is Nate Dogg. His gangster melodic ways really motivated me. For some time I seen myself as a modern day Nate Dogg. Although I’m still influenced by him, I find myself coming across underground artists that pushes me and influences me to go in different directions with my sound. Artists like Nipsey Hussle enlightened me to speak on my community and how much I can do as a man to bring another man onboard a wave that’s positively influential. Artists like Wale that made me confident in being able to express my love and affection for a woman and not care about being called soft or thirsty. Also artists like J Cole that helped me put all my thoughts, emotions, and words into  dope wordplay.

Q8. What do you think of the hip hop scene in your state? 

  • I feel New Jersey has a lot of dope artists. There’s so much talent in New Jersey and it goes unseen for some reason. I’d like to say that not enough people in New Jersey support their hometown artists as other coasts do with their own upcoming talent. I feel we can do more to help one another be not only scene, but heard as well. I often come across so many artists in Jersey that have sensational music, but for some it doesn’t go anywhere

Q9. Who have you collaborated with & why? 

  • So far I’ve collaborated with three artists. Two from New Jersey and one from New York. On my project Birth of a King I have two features. Track number 6 features ChrisDaGift, an extremely singer/rapper/producer from New Jersey. Ironically we initially started working together because he produced track number 3 (Holding You Down) on that same project. My second feature is a New York singer, Jai Emm. She’s a very valuable person to me and damn near my side kick when it comes to my musical love side. On my Birth of a King project she’s featured on the last track Cadillac Pimpin. She’s also featured on several tracks on my new upcoming project Sex Love Sensation. Lastly, my guy Soulfull. Soulfull is a New Jersey rapper from central New Jersey. He created a dope remix to my song Winners Circle. That man doesn’t speak without pure meaning and vibes behind his words.

Q10. In what ways has your newest music changed? 

  • So my first project had a good mixture of music on it. I spoke about love, uplifting the youth, the government, racism and the community, and other things. This time around with my new upcoming project I’m focusing on my emotional side. I’m bringing out a side of me that people focuses on more. When I rap people dig it, but they tend to love my singing vibes more. My new music focuses on exactly what the title of the project is, Sex Love Sensation.

Q11. What are the main inspirations for the lyrics you write? 

  • My main inspiration would be the things I go through in my day to day life. I can have an argument with my girlfriend and write a bomb song to that entire battle. I can think about difficult times in my childhood and create a heartfelt vibe or even think back on old love situation and describe the rollercoaster ride that we all go through when in a real relationship.

Q12. What would be your dream venue in which to perform? 

  • I’d love to sell out my hometown arena, The Prudential Center. For me selling out that arena would mean that I’ve gained ultimate love from my own hometown. Which means roughly 20,000 people purchased tickets to see me perform songs they sing their hearts out to in their cars or even their shower.

Q13. A favorite quote you live by?

  • My favorite motto to go by is “Everything is Sensational”

Q14. What would you like people to know about you? 

  • I’d like people to know that I’m bringing something different to the table. Everyone want to be tough these days. Meanwhile, I’m just striving to remain sensational.

Written by –Brandon Avery

CLICK HERE To listen to Birth Of A King


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