We took a trip to Irvington, New Jersey and met up with rapper GEETA.HOU$E at a local chicken shack.

wearing his city on his back, he’s surely bringing vibes while dabbing some conciseness with his music. 

Here’s a few things your probably didn’t know about him. 

  • What does your work aim to say? 

My work aims to show people that you don’t have to be a “real nigga” or “real bitch” to be accepted. Just be the REAL HUMAN you are and embrace all the emotions that come with it. That’s real to me. 

  • How did Geeta.house come about?

Plain and simple: CHURCH AND CASSIDY. I got the typical artist background lol I grew up in Irvington at my grandparents house and ever since I can remember we were in church EVERY SUNDAY. My grandfather is the Reverend of a small church in Newark so it was law for me and my family to be there. I hated going because I wanted to be home doing hood rat shit with my friends  with my friends but I loved going because of the music. I sang in every choir and played drums every Sunday and as I got older I gained an appreciation for the instruments and the craft. Being exposed to the instruments, the voices (good and bad lol) and the songs that evoked so much emotion made me who I am musically. As I got older I began to grow away from church and got more into the Hip-Hop culture. The first artist that I was a fan of was none other than CASSIDY. He’s the reason I started to rap. The beats, the style and the BARS had me amazed but when I heard him destroy Freeway in that classic battle that was it for me. I HAD TO RAP! I started writing bars and fast forward 10 years I was recording with my cousins and from then on I was Geeta HOU$E. So when I get my first Grammy just know I’m thanking God for CHURCH AND CASSIDY.

  • What Makes you (Geeta.Hou$e) different from other artist.  

What makes me different is the idea that I’m the same as everyone else. I don’t make music to make other people feel insufficient or insignificant. What better way to relate to real people than by telling stories based on real experiences whether it be mine or someone I know. 

  • What do you feel is the best song you’ve ever released and why?

Wow, thee old “who’s your favorite child?” question huh? Best song I’ve ever released has to be ROAD 2 RICHES. It dangerous. It’s angry. It’s reflective. It’s “hear me out” and “fuck you” at the same time. This song challenged my usual cool nature and brought out a different side of me that I didn’t know existed. It’s the perfect balance between ignorance and intelligence. 

  • How much time went into writing your best song to date? 

I write different. I could start a verse one day, not touch it and finish it a month later in one sitting. I’d say it took me about 3 days to make my best song.

  • What message do you want your fans to take from your music? 

Message to the fans: you are more important and impactful than you think. This shit goes nowhere without y’all. Like what you like and stand by that shit! I don’t care if it’s ya cousin’s baby daddy from around the way, if you like his artistry then support that man anyway you can. Support can be a “yo I love your music bro keep going”. Good music has many ingredients but the most important is LOVE. Provide that if nothing else.

  • Do you have any hidden talents?

I think I’d be a good actor but I guess that’s hidden even to myself lol

  • Favorite quote you live by? 

“Man doesn’t make the music, the music makes the Man.” 

It’s self-explanatory.
  • Whats one misconception people mistake about you? 

People hear my music or see my videos and assume that I’m this super conscious, black panther, pro-black type of person. I’m into ALL the bullshit lol I just choose not talk about it in my music as much because I’m conscious of who’s listening. Kids understand more than we think they do and with the way technology is advancing so rapidly it’s becoming more and more difficult to control what kids are watching and listening to.

Photos by: Catherina B.

His album is packed with gems listen right here via SoundCloud. 

To learn more about Geeta.House & his latest album CLICK HERE


2 thoughts on “Geeta.Hou$e

  1. Thee Most Profound Music I’ve Ever Heard In My Life …
    His Music Helped Me Realize Not Only How Far I’ve Come, But How Far We As A People Have To Go !!!!

    The Music Is Revolutionary !!!!


  2. I love you cousin. Keep growing keep pushing . Your doing great. Nothing you do goes unnoticed. 😘🤞🏽💯…. put on!

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