We took a trip to Stroudsburg, Pa to meet with Multi-genre recording artist Nine.wav. we joined their radio show wyldfire fm and interviewed them both while walking on a roof.

check out what we've learned about the dynamic duo below.

Who are you? 
Nine.wav is a multi-genre recording artist duo formed by members Arthur and Myles.
Where were you born?
Arthur East Stroudsburg, PA - Myles Manhattan, NY
How did you guys meet?
Weis Supermarket
How did Nine.wav come about and does it have a meaning?
The moniker Nine.wav was crafted to convey the purpose of the duo. In the name “.wav” it represents sound waves, the "Nine" is the sum of the last three digits of Stroudsburg’s zip code (18360).
What’s the meaning behind your latest Single?
Our latest single "ayo" is for the summer and other recreational vibe, creating a island/hiphop vibe
How would you describe your music?
A dance/feel good  eclectic vibe
Who are you guys trying to reach?
We are trying to reach the world
What influences your style, like how would you describe it?
Arthur - all musical styles influence, myles - production and emotions
Do ether of you have any hidden talents?
Arthur - really good at basketball, myles - multiple accents and changing singing styles to sing high
Any regrets on any choices you’ve made in your music career?
Some bad time and money investments here and there
When did you start doing music?
Arthur - after high school, myles - 3 years ago sang in churches
Musically, what are your biggest influences?
Arthur- inspired by all artists, Myles - MJ, Sam smith, chris brown, tarrus riley
What do you think of the hip hop scene in your state??
In Stroudsburg a lot of upcoming artist, we arent too fond of the hip hop market out here
Who was your favorite collaboration in your career thus far & why?
"Titus the titan which is our first feature for a major release
In what ways has your newest music changed?
Less pop oriented
What are the main inspirations for the lyrics you write?
Life situations & emotions
What would be your dream venue in which to perform?
No dream venue just want to see the masses come to see us perform
If not music then what?
Music is all we got, so we don't know


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