Cheeno Ghee

Born in Atlanta, GA Cheeno Chee has had a the gift of music since the age of two years old where she would rap around the house & around eight years old her nana introduced her to the piano. Cheeno was raised in Brooklyn, NY where she was surrounded by Hip Hop heads, It was only a matter of time before she would find a way to tell her story.

Cheeno’s lyricism is influenced by experiences and people around her. This places a unique tattle tale to her music allowing one to close their eyes and vibe with similar experiences or place a vision to her story she’s telling.

Currently residing in Charlotte North Carolina, Cheeno has showcased a vulnerable yet powerful narrative in her music and her newest flame, spoken word. Rapping about her own personal traumas, including the void of her father which she’s proudly filled with the Lord. Declaring herself, Tha Godchild in her freshmen EP “CHILD”, released at the End of September of 2018 (Streaming on all major platforms), we get to hear all about the makings of this young gem.

Listen to her EP Below, CLICK HERE to see her featured interview