Birth Of A King – Demetry Groove

Groove was born and raised in “Brick City” Newark, New Jersey and happened upon his talent for lyricism in high school when a friend convinced him to write to a track as he learned to produce. Thus birthed his passion for music and they created beats, free-styled and recorded on garage band as much as they could. This passion followed Groove to college where he and a friend made their own remix to Rack City that they performed events on around campus; resulting in a genuine fan base and positive feedback. It was after that experience where Groove realized he wanted to continue working on his craft and sharing his music.
On October 31’st, 2017 Groove released his first project “Birth of a King” which covers a range of subjects and multiple vibes while still maintaining true to his own sound as an artist. When describing himself Groove says he’s “just a groovy dude that’s driven to make a positive change to his city. When people hear my music, I want them to feel nothing but good vibes and positive energy.”
This rings true, as “Birth of a King” touches on the daily human celebrations and tribulations, such as grinding, sacrifice, racism, politics and police brutality but also striving above those things with the positivity of growth, supporting your tribe, living your life and of course sex appeal. With a hip-hop foundation and soulful sound, Groove masters the art of smoothly introducing a multitude of topics per track with original wordplay.

Photo by: Misterduffey

With the endless amount of artists and genres, it’s impossible to not be categorized in the music industry. To some Groove may vocally resemble Tank, and yet with a slight familiar sound he still manages to keep his own. Mixing a hip-hop foundation with a soulful sound, Groove has somewhat created his own niche of neo-soul/rap and as he intended his music just grooves, just like his name.

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