Build Love And Create Kings

March 2017 GEETA HOU$E released his first solo EP B.L.A.C.K which is an acronym for Build Love And Create Kings. The EP stemmed from the idea of Ignorant Intelligence. HOU$E teamed up with New Jersey native and artist Milan sledge to create the artwork. Each image was made to actualize some of the many stereotypes that are connected to black people (black men in particular). That same method was used when creating the music. When you hear each song, you may think it’s just another rap song but when you listen and dissect the lyrics you’ll find that HOU$E is more than just another rapper glorifying a detrimental lifestyle. A song like In My Car can make the listener feel good about getting in the car and taking a joy ride around the neighborhood whereas a song like Road to Riches has the depth to show the listener how that harmless joy ride could be very dangerous. Whether the project is played in the stereo or in your headphones, you will understand and feel every bit of it.

Born & raised in Irvington NJ 143rd exit off the parkway. Musical background started in a church in Newark NJ where his grandfather is the pastor. Also why he calls himself the Ghetto Reverend reppin’ the 0-7-1-11.

Playing piano to drums to singing has all played a part in the artist he is today. Not with the bullshit lyrics and gimmicks, he raps to provoke thought and reflection.