Hans Lundy

Was born in Haiti, Por Tau Prince on October 25, 1992. His family came to the United States of America in 1999 where they have lived in East Orange, NJ for the last 10 years. Hans attended the Cicely L. Tyson Community School of Performing and Fine Arts. He has been trained and mentored by the post-modern figurative artist Williams Coronado. Coronado exposed Lundy to his ideas on using the human body as a vehicle for creative expression on an aesthetic, psychological, and philosophical format. Hans Lundy has embraced these ideas and has added the aesthetics of surrealism to create an art that is his personal view of how he sees and understands the world and art. 

Haitian-American artist Hans Lundy consistently creates innovative and “cutting-edge” imagery, which employs a radical postmodern style known as “Metaphorical Realism.” Mimetically and poetically, this realistic “visual-narrative” mode furnishes symbolic representational-imagery (mimesis). Hans’ career as an artist is just beginning but his handling of paint and his knowledge of using painting as a mode of expression is far beyond his years. His paintings can be provocative, political, philosophical, psychological, and last but not least, enjoyable. It is the distinctive character of melancholy that makes Hans Lundy’s paintings so impressionable. Perhaps his work psychologically reminds us of the things that as a species, humanity can improve on.

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